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André Baldinger 2000

The Newut family is a new Grotesque in which the capitals are designed to be the same height as the lowercases. You can chose from three variationes: Classic, Tip or Plain. Each variation has three weights, Light, Medium and Heavy. You can compaire the three variations strait away.


André Baldinger 2000

B-Dot is a Pixelfont which is not based on a grid but follows the aesthetics of classic typeface design. Thus, it has an increased legibility yet maintains the look of a Matrix font. B-Dot is a complete family containing four styles. Extensive kerning and special symbols open new avenues in design by this typeface.

hp-topographie - clients cv contact
  • hp_anct.jpg
  • hp_cdntl-invitation-card.jpg
    CDNTL invitations
  • hp_cdntl_new_year.jpg
    CDNTL cartes des voeux
  • hp_AB_BDot_Baldinger.jpg
    AB BDot Typeface
  • hp_kieler-woche_08.jpg
    Kieler Woche'08
  • 1.jpg
  • hp_rote-fabrik.jpg
    Rote Fabrik Zeitung
  • hp_Ecole-Estienne.jpg
    Ecole Estienne
  • hp_toit-du-monde.jpg
    Toit du Monde
  • hp_ScenoLa-furie_Baldinger.jpg
    Pieces de Guerre I-II
  • hp_AB_BLine_Baldinger.jpg
    AB BLine Typeface
  • hp_Faspa-02_Wallimage_Baldinger.jpg
  • hp_tiberiade.jpg
    Cie Crochet à nuages
  • hp_eiffel1.jpg
    AB Eiffel Typeface
  • hp_Frequences_Baldinger.jpg
    Fréquences audio-livre
  • hp_Ping-Pong-Le-Havre.jpg
    Exposition Ping Pong
  • hp_corees.jpg
    CDNTL Affiches
  • hp_Bridges&Borders_Baldinger.jpg
    Of Bridges & Borders
  • hp_AB_Newut_Baldinger2.jpg
    AB Newut Typeface
  • hp_Latenium_Baldinger.jpg
    Musée Latenium
  • hp_Master-Type-Design11.jpg
    CAS & MAS Posters
  • hp_rote-fabrik.jpg
    Rote Fabrik Zeitung
  • hp_newut-poster.jpg
    Type promotional posters
  • hp_toit-du-monde.jpg
    Toit du Monde
  • hp_ScenoLa-furie_Baldinger.jpg
    Pieces de Guerre I-II